It starts with your dream. You may be able to draw it in great detail or you may not even be able to put it into words. Either way, it is important that we spend time together understanding the concept and vision, so that Banks Development Co. can be your partner in creating a beautiful house. If you do not have a property to build on, we are very capable and happy to assist you in the search.

Specifications are a written description of what will be created. Along with the construction plans, the specifications form the blue print of your home. We can work with highly detailed, exacting specifications or we can help you to create a degree of detail that fits your comfort level. We also enjoy participating in the design process. We know how to make a house look and feel authentic. We study and understand good design.

It is important to work with an architect who fits your needs and requirements. Some of our clients come to us through an architect and others come to us directly. We would be happy to refer you to an architectural firm based on your specific needs. We always encourage collaboration among the entire building team. If we are involved from the start of design, we can help build value by lending our experience to every phase of the process.

If you already have plans, we can help ‘Value Engineer’ the project. In other words, once you have a design, we’ll help with a detailed review of the designs and drawings, with an experienced perspective on materials, costs and timing. This is what we refer to as Value Engineering. It can also be called ‘Surprise Mitigation’ because it helps avoid cost and timing surprises later in the project. It also helps you get the most out of your investment.

When the plans and specifications are finalized, we undertake a formal costing phase, which generates firm estimates. We’ll review and discuss the costs in detail, as they form the basis for your financing and our formal agreement. We have an open book policy which is entirely transparent.

At this point, we enter into a formal agreement. We like to use the standard American Institute of Architects (AIA) contract. This contract defines and protects the rights and obligations of all parties involved

Schedule of Events:
Prior to construction we will provide a schedule of events which will lay out the entire timeline of the project. Additionally, we will provide you with a homeowner selection schedule so that we can order/purchase certain materials in a timely manner. We will push you to make decisions as needed!

The Building Phase:
BDC will strive to exceed your expectations from the permitting stage to the last stroke of paint. We pride ourselves on professionally run projects, with orderly, clean and safe job sites.

Sometimes it is difficult for owners to visualize certain details from a set of plans. We encourage owners to visit the project and get a feel for their new or renovated home regularly. Building is an interesting process and we like to have you involved in it.

Moving In:
Our goal is to have you move in on schedule, hassle-free. Some builders pride themselves on responding to minor issues after occupancy (often called punch lists); at BDC our goal is to not have punch lists. Upon move-in, BDC will provide you with a detailed homeowner’s manual. This manual will be your one stop reference for all operation, maintenance, and warranty issues for all the systems and features of your new home. We are always available to continue to maintain each and every house we build.

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